Friday, July 7, 2017

Sets in my Collection #26: 1950 Topps Automotive License Plates

This is the earliest Topps set in my collection, and it's not really all that impressive, to be honest. The cards are small and thick, and feature an image of a then-current license plate on the front, on a black field, with a trivia question on the back, with the answer to the trivia question making up the image on the card back. Counting all variations, this is a 100 card set, which most states having more than one card. Several Canadian provinces are also in the set.

For Topps, the best was yet to come.

Neither of my two cards are in good shape, in fact, this is the better of the two.

License plates were a very popular topic for card sets back in the day. There are at least 6 that I am aware of, dating back to the 1930s. While I would love to have more of them, as of right now, this is the only one in my collection. (If I had the space, and the money, I would collect vintage license plates as well. I have a few in my collection already)


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    1. You seem to be getting a better collection from this series all the time, which I'm glad I'm able to help with!

  2. I just realized this was my 400th post! I'll try to do a contest when I get to #500.