Friday, July 28, 2017

More kindness from NHL collectors!

After yesterday's post was already written and scheduled, I had a big mail call.
Four big packages arrived! Two of them from Canada! The very top box is a trade with Trading Card Database member Bevans, who I have not been able to mail to yet due to being sick...don't have the energy to get the cards out. The small handful of non-sport cards comes from frequent trading partner Shawn Norris, the box on the bottom right comes from Sportscards from the Dollar Store and will be getting a return package from me at some point hopefully soon as well. The big box on the bottom left comes from a guy on a Facebook hockey card group I joined. I mentioned that I learned the history of the NBA through cards and wanted to do the same with hockey, and he liked that so sent me a big box of cards. A few of them took some damage (I think someone sat on the box!) but most of them are fine, and some of them are pretty amazing- my first stick relic is in that box!

The box from Douglas of Sports Cards from the Dollar Store is mostly of people not previously in my collection...I was going through and posting the new people 10 at a time as I got them, but with these two boxes, there's probably around 400 new people for my collection. I may have to rethink that project, perhaps I started it too soon. If I keep up what I was doing that will mean I don't do anything else for probably the rest of the year.

I'm still working on documenting the cards, and that alone is going to take me several more days! Just wanted to get these posted real quick.

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