Sunday, July 30, 2017

NASCAR Special Paint Scheme of the Month: 2016 Trevor Bayne Throwback

Another month where I almost forgot to get one of these in. This month's post again comes from the 2017 Donruss set, a set I really liked- and which showed a bunch of special paint schemes.
2017 Donruss #108
For the Southern 500, all but one of the teams came out with a special paint scheme, most of them throwbacks. (and the others called throwbacks even when they didn't actually throw back to anything). Trevor Bayne's car was a throwback to Mark Martin's standard paint scheme from 1996-97. Unfortunately for Trevor, his engine blew on lap 161 and he finished last.

This is one of only two cards that show this car. The other is from Lionel's 1/64 diecast line, which does not appear in my collection. (Hopefully someday). Of course, the Donruss card does have a bunch of parallels, but none of them appear in my collection, either.


  1. That paint scheme brings back my childhood - always loved Mark Martin's Valvoline schemes. Dare I say they were almost iconic.

    1. I would say it's iconic for sure, although I'd say the 1991-95 scheme moreso