Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New NHL Players added to my collection: 1740-1750

I have not been writing much for the past few days- being sick will do that, I suppose. I haven't even done any scanning in a week. That's so unlike me, I usually scan every single day. One of the things I've been thinking of is how am I going to present the new players I mentioned in the "cardboard therapy" post. I've been thinking and thinking on it, and I've got it! And since it came to me, it also cleared up an issue I've been having with my NBA Encyclopedia, which was how to handle new additions. Do I save them and do them at the end? Do update posts periodically? How would I handle rookies? Well, thinking about this hockey "problem" has made it clear. I'm going to, as they say, burn the candle from both ends. I'm going to keep going in alphabetical order, for the most part. But, for the rookies in future seasons and new people added to my collection who come from where I've already covered alphabetically, I'm just going to present them in order. Since I'm so OCD about my records, I know what number they are added into my collection and that is what I'm going to cover.

So what does that have to do with the NHL? Well, I don't have much scanned yet. Not enough to do an Encyclopedia, and to be honest, I don't have enough knowledge to do it yet. So, I'm going to cover them in order of addition, and I'm going to research them as I go. I learned the history of the NBA largely through cards, and now I'm going to teach myself NHL history the same way...but instead of keeping it to myself, I'm going to share it with the world, too! Or at least the relatively small portion of the world that reads Cardboard History.

Everyone you are going to see in this series is my very first card of them in my collection. The NHL has the potential to surpass the NBA in total number of people in my collection. With larger rosters, larger sets, and decades more years of card production, it's probably actually a certainty. 

1740. Jonas Brodin
2016-17 Parkhurst #164
Swedish born Brodin has played his entire career with the Minnesota Wild, scoring 18 goals and 61 assists over 331 career games. He has been in the NHL since 2012-13.

1741. Oscar Klefbom
2016-17 Parkhurst #127
Klefbom was born just 8 days after Brodin, both in Karlstad, Sweden, in 1993! I happen to be writing this post in the few days between their birthdays. He has spent his entire NHL career with the Oilers, joining the team for 2013-14. In his 189 games, he has scored 19 goals with 53 assists.

1742. Barry Beck
1981-82 Topps #E124
Barry Beck was a two-time NHL all-Star, and played in the NHL from 1977-78 through 1985-86, and then again in 1989-90. He played for the Colorado Rockies, New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings. He hails from Vancouver. He played 615 games, scoring 104 goals and 251 assists during his 10-year career.

1743. Dave Schultz
1979-80 Topps #134
From Waldheim, Saskatchewan, Schultz played 535 games, scoring 79 goals and 121 assists in a career that spanned from 1971-72 through 1979-80. He played for the the Flyers, Kings, Penguins and Sabres.

1744. Dave Maloney
1980-81 Topps #7
From Kitchener, Ontario, Dave Maloney played 657 games scoring 71 goals and 246 assists in a career that spanned 1974-75 through 1984-85. All but the final 52 games of his career came with the Rangers, but he ended his career as a Buffalo Sabre.

1745. Ian Turnbull
1980-81 Topps #133
From Montreal, he was an all-star in 1977. He played from 1973-74 through 1982-83 and spent the majority of his career with the Maple Leafs but ended up with short stints with the Kings (half of 1981-82) and Penguins (6 games in 1982-83). He played 628 games, scoring 123 goals and 317 assists.

1746. Derek Smith
1980-81 Topps #199
From Quebec, he was in the NHL from 1976-77 through 1982-83, mostly with Buffalo but ending with a season and a half with the Red Wings. He played 335 games and scored 78 goals and 116 assists. He does not appear to be related to the player with the same name who was in the NHL from 2009-14.

1747. Ron Sedlbauer
1980-81 Topps #134
The Burlington, Ontario native played in the NHL from 1974-75 through 1980-81. He played 430 games and scored 143 goals and 86 assists. He began his career with the Canucks and also played for the Blackhawks and Maple Leafs. I ended up getting this non-scratched off and a scratched off example of this card on the same day.

1748. Don Edwards
1980-81 Topps #215
The first goalie to appear in this rundown, Edwards played 459 games in a short career, spanning from 1976-77 through 1985-86. He had 16 shutouts, playing for the Sabres, Flames and Maple Leafs. He won the Vezina Trophy in 1979-80 and was a 2-time all-star. He hails from Hamilton, Ontario.

1749. Stan Jonathan
1980-81 Topps #113
From Oshweken, Ontario, he played 411 games and scored 91 goals and 110 assists in a career spanning only 1975-76 to 1982-83. All but the final 19 games were played for Boston, those last 19 for the Penguins.

1750. Willie Huber
1980-81 Topps #173
Hailing from Strasskirchen, Germany, (though considered Canadian) Willie Huber is the first person I've come across who has passed away. He died on June 28th, 2010, at only 52 years old, the result of a heart attack. He played 655 games spanning from 1978-79 through 1987-88, scoring 104 goals and 217 assists. He played for the Red Wings, Rangers, Canucks and Flyers. When he entered the NHL he was the tallest player in history, at 6 foot 5. That height has since been eclipsed.

And that concludes the first 10 people added to my collection since I figured out how I was going to document them. Expect the first few posts to come at you rapid-fire then sporadically as I add new people to my collection.


  1. I fear that by the time I get your package out to you, you will have all of those guys already in your collection.

    1. Even if that's the case, I'm still a set collector at heart so it'll all be good. Thank you!

  2. If I pay close attention to your blogs, I will probably learn a heck of a lot too as it goes along.