Wednesday, July 5, 2017

June 2017 Trade Recap

I pulled off a few trades in June, and hit a couple of milestones in the process.

First was a small three cards for three cards trade with Trading Card Database member SaveDaKid. This is our second trade in a short time. In this trade I got two cards from 1997-98 Topps and one from 1992-93 Stadium Club. I only scanned one so I would have a card to post, both sets are done on the Database so normally I set them aside for future scanning.
Next was a BIG trade with Jay O'Neill, also of the Database. I got a bunch of 1994-95 Finest cards, almost 50 of them, covering both series but mostly series 1, which I had less of to begin with.

I scanned 18 of them but here are 4...and the first Milestone of the month. The Grant Long card shown is my 87,000 different NBA card...I think. My records are probably off because I just went and scanned a card recently, went to upload it to the Database...only to find it was already there, and that I had posted it! That's not right...

But the trade included other NBA as's an example from each set included.
 1992-93 Fleer is a favorite set of mine. This is only my second card from this insert set.
 1994-95 Emotion is a pretty rare set to get in trade. The E-Series from Fleer/Skybox ran until 2006-07 as a standalone set and still appears as an insert in an NHL set.
 More 1994-95 Flair. I've taken in more of these in trade in 2017 than I had in the last decade combined!
1994-95 Ultra is close to my least favorite issue of my favorite brand...I am slowly knocking out my needs from the set via trade and I still wish to complete it some day.

I made another big trade with Shawn Norris, and got more Marvel and DC cards.

The Punisher War Journal card is my 1000th Marvel Comics card in my collection...which is a bit of a surprise as I have never been a Marvel reader. I am not sure if the number is correct, because it may be a combination of comic and Movie cards or it may be just comic cards. I need to recount some day.
This card, from the 1992 Impel DC Comics set, was my 14000th non-sport card overall, with a huge asterisk as I know I have more that are missing, including, I could swear, a complete set of this set, which would make this one a duplicate and not new. But since I can't find it, I can't count it as part of my collection.

I completed a trade with Rhinomeadows that brought me only 4 cards, but they were good ones.
The centerpiece is the SP variation from 1989-90 Hoops, which completes the set!
It took me a very long time to complete this set, but finally I can say it's done. There are a couple of variations I don't have yet but I don't consider variations necessary to have the complete set...unless they are something major like a totally different card front, like this one has.
The other three cards:

Both 1994-95 Fleer and 1996-97 Upper Deck made it into my Top 20 favorite sets of all time, and on the Vin Baker card it shows my all-time favorite jersey in NBA history. So a good trade for me! The fact that two of the cards were team cards doesn't hurt, either.

I thought there would be a couple more but they didn't arrive until July. Overall a very successful month for me!

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