Monday, July 17, 2017

Sets in my Collection #27: 1951 Topps Animals of the World

Remember when I documented the 1938 Frank Buck set, and mentioned that Topps reissued it in 1950, and then issued a totally separate series in 1951 using the same numbering system? Well, I think you can figure out my next sentence! Yes, this is that set.

Carrying cards number 101-200, this set highlights various animals from around the world.

Each card, which is smaller than standard size, features a full-color drawing of various animals. I presume the backgrounds were once white, but all 5 of the cards I  have were poorly treated before I got them and they no longer are. I don't care, I am still happy to have them!

I chose this time to show two different cards.

I have not felt much like writing lately, and I somehow managed to get sick again, so time to crank out another one from this series that has been waiting in my queue since 2015. 


  1. I don't think I have ever seen a meerkat that looks quite like that one! Look at the size of its nails!!!

  2. Ha, now I have to google "hog deer" to find out what they look like!

    1. Here it is: