Saturday, December 31, 2016

In Memoriam 2016

2016 was a pretty lousy year for celebrities. We lost so many during the course of the year, it was pretty horrible. The sports world didn't lost as many people as 2015 but it lost some big names.

Two of the three biggest names lost in 2016 appear in my collection but I have not scanned a card of them yet, in Gordie Howe and Arnold Palmer. Eventually I'll catch up on scanning and can properly pay tribute to the athletes from other sports that appear in my collection.

Here are the 30 people who passed away during 2016 who appear in my collection and have a card scanned.

Muhammad Ali 1942-2016

Kenny Baker 1934-2016

Greg Ballard 1955-2016
Mike Belden 1947-2016

Bryan Clauson 1989-2016

Holly Dunn 1957-2016

Chuck Etchells 1954-2016

Carrie Fisher 1956-2016

Merle Haggard 1937-2016

Barney Hall 1932-2016

Ray Hill 1931-2016

Rex Hughes 1938-2016

Abdul Jeelani 1954-2016
John Johnson 1947-2016

Dwight Jones 1952-2016

George Kennedy 1925-2016

Sammy Lee 1920-2016

Clyde Lovelette 1929-2016

Jim McMillian 1948-2016

Edgar Mitchell 1930-2016

Lennie Pond 1940-2016

Sean Rooks 1969-2016

Craig Sager 1951-2016

David Smith 1950-2016

Pat Summitt 1952-2016

Brooks Thompson 1970-2016

Nate Thurmond 1941-2016

Dwayne "Pearl" Washington 1964-2016

Don White 1926-2016

Walt Williams 1943-2016
There are 30 images in this year's post, while there were 36 in last year's post, although like I noted above, there are plenty of people who we lost this year who are either in my collection but not scanned yet, or do not yet appear in my collection. I hope the 2017 post is even smaller.


  1. I missed that Lennie Pond passed away this year. Granted, it's been tough to keep up.

    1. I know, there's been so many. William Christopher, known from MASH, passed away today after I posted.

  2. I actually wore one of my two Bryan Clauson shirts today. :-(

    1. His may have been the most shocking/jarring of them all.

  3. So many of them were fairly young. :( You did a nice tribute.