Saturday, December 17, 2016

Total Blaster 15

It's funny how November was a great month for me for posting, but December has been dragging. I got my big order from COMC - big for me- that will give me at least 5 posts. Hit a couple of big goals/milestones as well...But I have not done them. I wrote up two, and I still have posts from November- and some going back to 2015- in the queue but I just can't be motivated to post them. In November I could have easily cranked out two or three posts a day.

I can barely crank out these Total Memorabilia blasters that quite obviously nobody cares about based on views/comments on the posts. Only 5 more to go after this one!

 Michael Waltrip base is new. This is now the 3rd time I've pulled that Vickers red parallel in this project. Even though the set is only 50 cards. Typical Press Pass.
Tony Stewart is a duplicate, I'm down to only needing the Dale Jr. for that set.
I could swear the Maurice Petty was a duplicate, from this project, but my records show the card as being new, and he's not got a tag yet, and I've been tagging everyone who appeared in one of these blasters. Even I don't want to go read through the previous 14 posts in the series to see if I made a mistake somewhere along the line, LOL.
Relic's a nice big piece. I'm not a huge fan of Harvick, but I'm still happy to have it. Even though the picture is craptacular (I should have used my cell phone, instead of my actual camera) it does one thing for me- I didn't notice that there is a piece of blue on there, letting me know this comes fromt he sidewall. There is a blue outline around the yellow tire lettering and I didn't see it when I was looking at the that I saw it on the photo I checked and you can see it- I just missed it. Also, have the base of a wear tab although the tab itself is gone. That's kind of cool.


  1. These blaster breaks have been fun to watch even if I'm not commenting on them.

  2. How much heavier is the tire relic card opposed to a piece of fabric? It seems the rubber would be pretty dense and make the card heavy. I wonder if they shave down the back of the rubber piece to thin it out and lower the weight.

    1. Hard to say with these since the card is so thick - about the thickness of 5 regular cards. But on the smaller pieces it's not too noticible. The sheet metal cards, those are the heavy ones.

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  4. Maybe you thought you had Maurice Petty because you remembered typing Petty already, but that was for Richard in Blaster 11.