Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

I had a pretty spectacular Christmas today...I hope my readers did as well.

I'll have a lot of stuff to post soon, but for now I'll let this picture speak for itself...
I think I completed this year's Hoops, and this year's Donruss, Complete and Prizm were all new to me...I think I completed Donruss too, but I don't know yet. I am pretty sure I completed the 2016 Olympic set also. I'll know soon, stay tuned for full Box Break Reviews on both Donruss and the Olympic set in the coming week...Now I will spend the rest of the day watching the 5 NBA games while I work on listing these cards in my paper listing..

As usual, Christmas is going to be one of the biggest card days of the year for me, my family is awesome. 

What a great day, and it's not even noon yet!


  1. Excellent haul. I got a few things to break myself, but nothing near the amount least not yet!

  2. Very nice. Merry Christmas, Billy!

  3. Thanks everyone! I just finished listing them- 687 new cards, I completed Hoops and Donruss and came up one card short on the Olympic set- even though it is only 75 cards and I got a stack of duplicates reaching into the triple digits. D'oh. Second year in a row that I got my first card from a set and completed it in the same day.