Monday, December 26, 2016

Total Blaster 18 - 24th Anniversary of becoming a NASCAR fan

It was 24 years ago today I became a NASCAR fan. I was given a big box of Racing Champions cars for Christmas and it hooked me...been hooked ever since! I thought about skipping today's blaster of 2014 Total Memorabilia, and doing two on the first to end the project- yesterday was Christmas, after all- but once I remembered it was my anniversary I had to do it.
Unfortunately the box was not all that good as 4 of the five are duplicates. The Scott, Kenseth and Yarborough all appeared in the same order in Blaster #5.

The one new card was the Michael Waltrip relic.
The actual picture I took was pretty crappy so I cropped down the first image, it's better. This is the first time any firesuit pieces have come out of one of the blasters.

Next year, to mark my 25th anniversary of being a NASCAR fan, I will be launching a new NASCAR series, to run solely as I celebrate 25 years of being a fan, but I have not yet determined if there is enough material to do it weekly (my first thought) or if I will have to do monthly. If there is enough to do it weekly I better get busy because week #1 of 2017 is coming up pretty darn soon. Although the actual 25th anniversary is December 26th, 2017, I am going to celebrate all through the year, and perhaps all through 2018 as well, but I will be celebrating 30 years of being a card collector in 2018 as well and I may not want them to overlap. Time will tell! Of course, if I do it monthly in all of 2017 and 2018 that would give me 24 of them, I am sure I could sneak in a bonus post some time in the two years of the project's lifespan...Hmm...a 25 post series to celebrate 25 years sounds pretty good, doesn't it? And unlike my 20th Anniversary of the NBA series, they would not be on back to back days...decisions, decisions!

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