Thursday, December 29, 2016

Total Blaster #19

White Flag! The penultimate 2014 Total Memorabilia blaster was today, and it wasn't a bad one.
Josh Wise is new. I pulled the red parallel previously. Dale Jr. red is new- the first time Dale Jr. has appeared in this project- the Dania Acceleration and Tim Flock cards are both duplicates. I have one blaster to go and all I need to complete Acceleration is Dale Jr. We'll find out on January 1st if I do complete the insert. Knowing Press Pass, it'll be another Keselowski, which would be the 5th in the 20 blasters. 
Relic is Kenseth. It's new. I could have taken a better picture,'s Kenseth. good enough.

These might be the last cards I get in 2016. I still have two days and I'm waiting on a trade from the Trading Card Database. Since we have no working car we can only check the PO Box on Saturdays so I may end up getting them on the last day of the year. I don't intend to open any more packs in the remainder of the year so if they haven't arrived yet, this is it...and it's been a great year. These three cards bring me to 10,469 new cards in 2016, and if the trade gets here, that's about 20 more. (I'm not worried about it getting here, it's the third or 4th trade I've made with this person, I just mean if it gets here this year).

I will probably publish another one of my COMC Black Friday posts tomorrow, and then I have a rundown of my favorite new card from each month of 2016 to post on the 31st. I'm going to end the year with a whole bunch of consecutive days of posting, and by publishing this post December 2016 now takes the lead with most posts in a month...I didn't really plan it that way, but I've had a lot to post about lately. And it's going to continue into 2017 because I have a bunch of posts ready to go in the queue already. I don't think I can go post-a-day-everyday like some of the bloggers but that would be fun to try and do sometime.

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