Friday, December 23, 2016

Total Blaster 16 & 17

As I mentioned briefly the other day, one of the blasters had been opened and had the relic card stolen. I really didn't get too much from Blowout- a $10 shipping voucher which I may never use- so that's disappointing.

The 4 cards in the blaster were not super spectacular either, in that 3 of them were duplicates.
Aric Almirola again. Jeff Gordon red is a dupe. Bowyer Acceleration is not new.
Tim Flock Hall of Fame is new. That's a good one, I like Tim Flock. It was seeing a feature on him, Junior Johnson and Russ Truelove in 1998 when NASCAR celebrated it's 50th Anniversary that directed me towards becoming more than just a current fan and dedicating much of my life to learning the history of the sport. Sadly cancer took him later in '98.

Today was Blaster #17 and it again was kind of a let down...but that is all on Press Pass.
Jimmie Johnson base is new. Newman red is not. Keselowski relic is a duplicate. Keselowski Acceleration is the 4th time in the 17 boxes I've pulled that very card. Ingram is new for this project but was in my collection from one of the two blasters I got when the set was new in 2014.

So, in two blasters, 9 cards and only 2 were new, although the Keselowski will also count as I count duplicates of serial numbered cards.

Three to go, and still many base cards missing. With how this is going, I would kind of be surprised if I get more than one new base card. I've got a ton of posts in the queue waiting to go, and I'm sure Christmas will lead to a few more as well, as I told my family all I wanted was the rate I'm going I am likely to post every day remaining of this year!

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  1. Hopefully you will get something better in the last few.