Saturday, December 3, 2016

November Trade Recap

After a few down months, November had me make a couple of trades back and forth with other bloggers, so much so that I'm typing up the beginning of this post on November 17th, where usually I whip it up the night before I post it, or even right when I post it. But I have too much to cover to do that this month!

First up is a trade with Spazmatastic who I know from both NUTS and the Trading Card Database. Adam and I chat regularly- usually sending each other a message every night- mostly about NASCAR, and it actually evolved into a trade. (not the first we've done) First things first, I feel terrible about this trade because I promised him two cards and then couldn't find them. I made up the difference with paypal but I still feel terrible about it.
From him I got the Panini Instant card from the Charlotte race, which his favorite driver Jimmie Johnson won. Only 80 copies of this card were purchased, and he got 5 of them. I bought the first Instant NASCAR card, but I have not gotten any more on my own since then or any of the NBA ones. I meant to write a post about the Truex card I bought but I never got around to it.

I got another PWE from north of the border from CrazieJoe. included were some more Ultra cards from 2004-05, a set I love but needed a few of, luckily he's pulled more than a few of them. 5 more of them joined my collection here, including this card of Brian Cardinal. I like getting cards of big name players of course, but what I really love is to get cards of obscure guys. This is only the 14th Brian Cardinal card in my collection. Ray Allen, who was also in this PWE, has about 300 cards in my collection, for example.
Another rather obscure guy in the PWE was Willie Green, who constantly foiled Charles Barkley's attempts at "Who he play for?" I don't know how many I have of him yet as I have not scanned my collection of him, but it's probably only about 15 cards give or take.

I posted on the Trading Card Database that I was looking for a copy of the Craig Sager card from 2016 Topps Update's First Pitch insert, so member griffey423 just sent me one. Much appreciated!

New member of the Trading Card Database sahal694 is also a basketball collector and we pulled off a simple two card trade. While I've done hundreds of trades online, going back to around the year 2000, it was the first trade he'd ever done online. That's the second time in the past year I got to be somebody's first trade, but I can't remember the other one. The bubble mailer I sent to him covered from New York to Phoenix in just two days! Of the two cards he sent me, one did something that doesn't happen too often- it completed an insert set! I'm a base card guy, that's well documented, but I like non-base cards as well. Inserts getting completed for me is fairly rare, and in fact, I don't even have a list of the ones I've completed....that's definitely something I need to do! David Robinson Flagship Series was a 10-card insert set in 1992-93 Skybox, and #R6 was the last one I needed to finish it off. The Ray Allen from 1996-97 Stadium Club Rookies I brings me to within only two cards for that set, as well.
 My friend who sent me the Racing Champions card that got it's own post earlier in the month sent me some other great stuff too. And not just NASCAR!
 This is only my 3rd flag relic and first Blue Flag. The blue flag with yellow stripe is one of the rarest in NASCAR, used to signal out a lapped car in the way of the leaders, it's the second rarest flag to see, with only the reg flag displayed less frequently (although with the growing number of rain relays it's a about a draw now). Another rare flag is red with yellow X, it is displayed when the pits are closed.

Terry Bradshaw! My first card of him. While from everything I've heard he was a great football player, I know him more from his many appearances on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. It's Serially Numbered to 999 as well.

While I teased the shifter boot card he sent me in the first post, I am going to hold onto that for now as I have an idea for a post that it will show up in shortly, hopefully by the end of 2016.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I do believe that's the first appearance of the Nascar Instant cards on the blogosphere - at least that I've seen anyway. Not a bad looking set.

    1. I think so...they have a nice feel in hand as well, and what does not show in scans is that they have watermarks all across the back, it doesn't impact the design but you can see it and even feel it.

  2. Cool card for Craig Sager. I didn't even know there was one of those in existence.

    1. It's his 4th career card...he also has cards in the insanely rare 1989-90 and 1990-91 Hoops Announcers promos and an autograph from 2014-15 Threads.