Tuesday, December 20, 2016

You can always depend on the kindness of bloggers

No "Total Blaster" today...I opened one...but somebody already opened it before I got it, and stole the relic. I have contacted the major dealer I got it from, and will update with the final outcome, for now Total Blaster 16 will be skipped.

On a much happier note, I got three packages in the mail today. The first was a trade from the Trading Card Database, which got me a new NBA player and might have even completed a set for me, I have not even taken the time to check before getting this post made.

Next was a Christmas card from The Collector, a thank you for my being his Secret Santa. Two cards from 1992-93 Fleer, a favorite set of mine, which you will see in the second photo. It's always a good day to get one of them, and here I got an insert and one of the Drake's promos, a set I've been working on for more than 20 years!

The biggest package came from Dennis of Too Many Verlanders/Too Many Manninghams. Dennis put up a post where he posted a ton of stuff and said if you want any, to claim it. I have never traded with Dennis before, in fact I don't know if I had ever even commented on one of his posts, but I saw this big stack of SI for Kids cards, and I had to jump on them. Even though these are marketed towards kids, I find I appreciate them more the older I get. When I was younger, when these cards were new, if it wasn't NBA or NASCAR, I didn't care. It was wasted space to me. Now, I appreciate getting to see and learn about the other sports. and one thing SI for Kids does that nobody else does is include other sports besides the Big 5. There are entire sports that are represented solely by SI for Kids cards in my collection. And, even though some of these are duplicates, they are still in original panel form- I used to separate mine when I was a kid, but it led to a lot of damaged cards. Way too many. I'm glad to get a full panel now to sort of replace them, even though my collection total won't actually change.
Not only is this going to a fill a lot of holes in my collection, it's going to add a bunch of new names as well. Most of the people from outside the big 5 and even some of the non-NBA and NASCAR people from them will be new too. There are even some of the oversized Legends cards that they did in 1995-96, which are not as easily found as the standard sized cards, although I'm not sure if they count as rare.
Look at them all! The table can't even hold them all! It'll take me a few days to get these processed into my collection, but it's going to be fun!

He also had this group of oversized cards, which I had to claim. Again, as I've gotten older, I have appreciated oversized and other sized cards much more. When I was younger if it was not standard size, it didn't count...I'm not even sure if the oversized cards I got when they were new are counted in my collection. Someday when I finish scanning everything and sort them back by set, I will recount and figure it out, but that's years away.
The cards from Chris at The Collector are shown on the right. They are standard size.
Dennis also included a pack of 2008 Topps baseball, which I will open up shortly, but I forgot to include it in the photo and I'm in too much pain to go take another. The Mourning may be a dupe here but the rest are all new. It may be new as well, I'd have to check my collection listing on the Trading Card Database, but I am trying to get this posted while I am still awake, which won't be much longer, haha.
The Sharpshooters insert that got glare from my camera flash is Hersey Hawkins. 

Dennis, thank you so much for all these cards! Sometime into next year I will bolster your Michigan alumni basketball collection, don't think I will have enough time to get them together by the end of this year, but I will send along a thank you bundle!
And thank you Chris for knocking two more cards off my wantlist for one of my all-time favorite sets!


  1. Wow, that is a nice haul of SI for kids cards. I had a subscription when I was a tween, early 90's or so. It was a great way to learn about sports other than the big 5 sports (and thank you for saying big 5, btw...some people wont even say big 4) Wish I had saved some of those old SIK cards.

    Glad you still needed those Fleer cards. Wish I had more b-ball to offer, but if it weren't for COMC my NBA collection would consist almost entirely of 89-90 Hoops and 90-91 Skybox cards :/ I am starting to pick up a little here and there, including on JediJeff's Xmas giveaway.

    That total blaster is a total bummer! Hope they make things right and give you a relic (or something equal).

    1. I did need them, thank you! I am only 10 away from the Drake's set now! I would take hockey too☺ I actually subscribed to SI for Kids again last year, mostly to get the cards although I do read it. I'm hoping they will send me a replacement blaster but I would take some COMC credit too. They gotta do something to make it right.

  2. Glad you were able to break the ice with Dennis. His end of the clear out is always one of the best. You made a great choice taking the SI for kids cards.

    1. I'll say! I completed two years of them, both the second series, which is my favorite.

  3. I finished entering them into my collection, and I was able to add quite a few names- some of them big names!
    Mays, Willie Baseball
    Mussina, Mike Baseball
    Musial, Stan Baseball
    Conine, Jeff Baseball
    Jones, Chipper Baseball
    Lofton, Kenny Baseball
    Thomas, Frank Baseball
    Williams, Matt Baseball
    Bye, Karyn Hockey
    Flutie, Doug Football
    Joyner, Seth Football
    Payton, Walter Football
    Stewart, Kordell Football
    Carter, Cris Football
    Faulk, Marshall Football
    Meyers, Ann
    Blodgett, Cindy WNBA
    Takács, Károly Shooting
    Korbutt, Olga Gymnastics
    Hartel, Lis Dressage
    Bikila, Abebe Runner
    Lu, Chen Skating
    Navratilova, Martina Tennis
    Dyroen-Lancer, Becky Swimming
    Hearn, Cathy kayaker
    Price, Nick Golf
    McIntyre, Liz Skiing
    Lilly, Kristene Soccer
    Hunt, Brandi Skiing
    Kempainen, Bob Runner
    Clark, Mary Ellen Diving
    Golay, Jeanne Cycling
    Feng, Amy Tennis
    Marsh, Ann fencing
    Connolly, Maureen Tennis
    Jones, Bobby golf
    Kwan, Michelle Skating
    Seles, Monica Tennis
    Spangler, Jenny Runner
    Folkl, Kristin Volleyball
    Edwards, Jonathan Track
    Sorenstam, Annika Golf
    Hamm, Mia Soccer
    Sabatini, Gabriela Tennis
    Potter, Cammy Snowboarding
    Lalas, Alexi Soccer
    Reno, Nancy Volleyball
    Rainey, Meredith Runner
    Saunders, Tricia Wrestling
    Roethlisberger, John Gymnastics
    Richardson, Dot Softball
    Bennett, Brooke Swimming
    Williams, Venus Tennis
    Farmer-Patrick, Sandra Track
    Stewart, Mel Swimming
    Fenner Benedict, Jayne windsurfing
    Fawcett, Joy Soccer
    Ndeti, Cosmas Runner
    Venturini, Tisha Soccer
    Bobek, Nicole Skating
    Baumgartner, Bruce Wrestling
    Oden, Bev Volleyball
    Bonaly, Surya Skating
    Teuscher, Cristina Swimming
    Anderson, Lisa surfing
    Roberts, Tiffany Soccer
    Jackson, Colin Track
    Parsons, Steve Snowboarding
    Pierce, Mary Tennis
    Wegerle, Roy Soccer
    Lindh, Hilary Skiing
    Smith, Pat Wrestling
    Evans, Janet Swimming
    Joyner-Kersee, Jackie Multi
    Tamega, Guilherme Skiing
    Alfredsson, Helen Golf
    Dolan, Tom Swimming
    Batten, Kim Track