Friday, December 2, 2016

Total Blaster 10

Halfway today with my first Total Memorabilia blaster of December, and also my first new cards of the month as well. Today you get an actual camera picture, instead of a smart phone photo.
Trevor Bayne Base, Harvick red parallel, Jeff Gordon Acceleration and Dale Inman Hall of Fame Placque. The Inman is a duplicate but the rest are all new. The camera flash didn't play well with the name area on the Kevin Harvick red parallel but it really makes the red foil pop out I think. The mirror foil inserts show up better in the camera photo vs. phone.
I forgot to take an actual photo of the relic, so here is the image cropped out of the above photo. It's new, and it's SN 100 of 275, which I like. Off the top of my head this is only my second relic of the 2012 Champion.

Overall a very good blaster, even if I did get the Inman card two blasters in a row.

Tomorrow I will post my November trade recap, which is the largest one since I began posting them, I think. I wanted to get it posted on the 1st but time got away from me.


  1. Everytime you post a card like that Inman, I think it's a manu relic like the lame medallions Topps have been putting out recently.

    1. I don't think there has ever been a manupatch for NASCAR. I like them but they should not count as hits.

  2. I have a PWE for you...but it's waiting for your address.
    Email me at omsports 42 at g mail