Friday, April 6, 2018

Error Gallery: Misaligned Foil

A fairly common error, but always fun to get. Seems to be most common in NASCAR, including some from the current decade, which is actually pretty rare to see.

1999 Press Pass #24
1999 Press Pass #23

1999 Press Pass #35
 I had a big run of 1999 Press Pass where the silver foil was not applied properly. I showed only the best three here, the rest await scans. I suspect it would be possible to build an entire base set of mis-aligned foil.
2001 Wheels High Gear #10

2009 Press Pass #56

2009 Press Pass #65
 I think I have some more from this subset as well, waiting to be scanned.
1992 Ultra #270
 A gift from Chris of the Collector.
1994 Classic #103
 That's a pretty dramatic miss on the foiling! Partially off the card, yet part of another letter on the left from somebody else's name, or possibly his name repeating.
1999-00 Fleer Mystique #5
 This set is all holofoil except for the name and team logo circle, except on this card, where that area is mostly holofoil except the bottom.
2001-02 Topps #120
 I have no idea what's going on here. It's like the foil from somebody else's name was applied upside down over the top of his.
2012 Ignite #13

2012 Ignite #25

2012 Ignite #30

2012 Ignite #31

2012 Ignite #52

2012 Ignite #69
All of the Ignite cards shown came from as single hanger pack, which was great as I had already completed the set by time I got that pack for Christmas a few years ago. These errors prevented it from being all duplicates. The two car cards have the Ignite logo stamped twice, once in the proper place and once off-center. The driver cards do as well but not as dramatic.


  1. Some of these I can live with, but when they're far off track it's not pretty. Of the few misaligned cards I've seen over the years I'd say Fleer was probably the worst offender. I could be wrong though; I never took the time to keep records like you do!

    1. Well, 12 of the 16 cards shown here are from Press Pass...

  2. Not sure I've ever seen this error before though I may have and just thought it was some effect they were going for.