Tuesday, April 10, 2018

2018 Card of the Day - March

This project, having gotten through March, is now more successful than the last time I tried it...but I realized when making my last post, the Overkill post, that I had forgotten to write it up for Cardboard History! Not only that, I still had to make scans of a few cards! Duh...I set out to correct that and got not only all the cards I needed for March scanned, I've gotten most of the first 9 days of April scanned already as well. Now I just need to remember to actually write the darn thing when the time comes!

Now, a look at March's Cards of the Day...

March 1st
2000 Simpsons Film Cards #6
 I bought a box of these and am going through them slowly.

March 2nd
2015-16 Complete #106
 I opened a pack from my stash and got this one...I also needed him for my NBA Encyclopedia. This card and it's two parallels are the only cards he ever got.

March 3rd
1976-77 Topps #196
 From that lot that I bought. My first card of him.

March 4th
2017-18 Hoops #264
 I bought one Fatpack of 2017-18 hoops and am parceling out the 30 cards inside it slowly, to prolong the enjoyment. This is the first of three times a card from that pack will appear in this month.

March 5th
1990-91 Skybox #34
 I bought this card on COMC, which may seem kind of silly- I try not to buy cards from common sets figuring I can get them in a repack or in trade...but this is a short print, and I've been working on this set for 22 years now. Enough was enough, and it was under a dollar on COMC. It's also his only card.

March 6th
1991 Pro Set SuperStars MusiCards #6
 I got this in a blind trade with Shawn Norris. Funny thing is, he got it to me in December, but I didn't get around opening it until March. I guess putting up the March recap on April 10th (If the schedule feature works right) isn't so bad after all.

March 7th
2015-16 Upper Deck Portfolio #162
 From a pack from the same box that yielded me that Wayne Gretzky 1/2 quad memorabilia card in November. The last two packs from the box that I've opened for this project have given me Canadiens to start with.

March 8th
2012-13 Panini Contenders Rookie Remembrance #17
 From a pack from my stash. This was the last Contenders NBA set until this year- for the past couple of years it's been college only.

March 9th
2010-11 Certified Masked Marvels #14
 March 9th is my mom's birthday, so I had her go through my COMC box and pick out a card she wanted to be my Card of the Day. This is the card she chose.

March 10th
2017-18 Status #100
 I procured this card from my local Toys R Us, which I expected to be my final trip there. (It wasn't, I went up again looking for discounted stuff). Expect a post about the end of TRU at some point. I've been too depressed to write it yet and I also have not finished opening the cards I got there. Interestingly, TRU brought this set in while Target did not.

March 11th
1999-00 HoloGrFx AUsome #61
 March 11th is Elton's birthday, so when my mom was picking out of the COMC box to pick a card for her day, I also had her find an Elton for his birthday just two days later. There were more than 30 of him in the box to choose from if I remember correctly, although I've pulled some out already and the box arrived in December so my memory may not be 100% correct. In fact, I've already gotten another COMC order since then!

March 12th
2009 Stealth Retail #10
 From my pack stash. This pack had been in my possession since about 2012.

March 13th
2000 Simpsons Film Cards #30
 Another one from the box.

March 14th
2014 Panini Golden Age #143
 From the box that Jon sent me. I really like these Golden Age cards. I've come around more on Multi-sport cards than I used to consider them. (Filler, to be honest). Now I wish I had gotten more of them over the years.

March 15th
2011-12 Upper Deck #421
 When I was at TRU, they had some older blasters still on the shelves. A little beat up, but they were sets from long before I took up the NHL so the cards would be all new to me- I had never opened even a single pack of 2011-12 Upper Deck or 2010-11 Zenith.

March 16th
2017-18 Upper Deck #406
 My local Target did not bother to bring in Upper Deck Series 2, but TRU did, and this one came from there. My first card from S2 in fact.

March 17th
1995 Ultra X-Men #117
 Another trade with Shawn Norris. I've gotten 4 from him in the past month, not even counting the one that came in December and I opened on March 6th!

March 18th
2017-18 Hoops #192
 Man, what a wasted year for Kawhi. One of the absolute best players in the NBA, he's going to miss most of the entire season with a quadriceps injury that he suffered in the 2016-17 playoffs. He played only 9 games totaling less than 1 full 48 minutes of court time, and wasn't really healthy in any of those 9. And not only that, but there's drama surrounding his lack of return. When was the last time the Spurs had drama? It's been a long time- when Bruce Bowen was whacking people with overly aggressive physical play I think, which puts that over a decade ago. It's been kind of sad, actually, but even with him they can't get past the Warriors (if healthy) or the Rockets this year anyway. This is the second card to come out of that fatpack I mentioned.

March 19th
2014-15 Panini Prizm #227
 Coincidentally another Spur, this time a legend of the sport. The photo is from the 2001-02 season- you can tell by the flag and ribbon, which was worn by all teams in all games in honor of September 11th. This one also came from Jon @ A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts.

March 20th
1991-92 Ultimate Card Company Panel
 This one is the biggest card of the project so far- 7 inches wide! It's the width of three cards. It came as a gift from Kin Kinsley of I Feel Like A Collector Again. You can read more about that mailing here.

March 21st
2005-06 Topps Chrome #272
 Another from my COMC box. 2005-06 Topps Chrome was the only set to ever include cards for D-League players and for all but two or three of the players, it was the only cards they ever got. There were something like 5 parallels so none were 1-Hit-Wonders but I need at least one version of each in my collection for my All-Time NBA Roster/Encyclopedia project. Even though the majority of them never got into an NBA game. I impose strange rules on myself, perhaps.

March 22nd
1991-92 O-Pee-Chee Premier #97
 I almost fell asleep and missed it that day, luckily I had a pack handy- actually, a whole box, which I got as a gift from SumoMenkoMan- and 7 of the 8 cards in the pack were new. This happened to be the first card out.

March 23rd
1991-92 Skybox Mini #7
 I actually got this card on the mail on March 20th, a trade with new Database member PapaG321. I didn't see them all that first day, but with the cards he sent me, I now need only 2 cards to complete the 50 card set. Not bad for a promo only available in a different country, that I didn't know even existed until some 23 years after it was issued. All 48 that I have have come via the Trading Card Database. I did buy my first on COMC, but I had another copy of the same card arrive via a Database member, so close enough, right?

March 24th
2008-09 Between the Pipes #73
 A gift from Database member Mark Zentkovich, this is my first card of the set AND the person!

March 25th
2017-18 Donruss #58
 Around January or so, I had purchased blasters of this year's Donruss and Upper Deck Hockey s1, and somehow managed to forget that I had them! I found them and had to open them up for the project, this was the first card out of the blaster. The Pacers have probably been the most impressive surprise this season. Everyone, myself included, figured they would miss the playoffs this season. They traded away the best player they had seen since Reggie Miller, in Paul George, and the entire team was built around him. Instead, they've played incredibly well, and for most of the season have been in the battle for 3rd place in the East- although they have dropped back to 5th now, and will have to take on LeBron in the first round. I have been pleasantly surprised with their season, and sometimes I'm glad when I'm wrong. If Victor Oladipo does not win Most Improved Player, they might as well stop giving the award out at all.

March 26th
2017-18 Hoops Teal Explosion #111
 the third and final card from that pack of Hoops that gave me Bam and Kawhi. This time it's a retail exclusive parallel, and a really nice looking one at that! It's sort of holographic, although that doesn't show well in the scan. The holographic aspect goes behind the picture as well.

March 27th
Sports Illustrated for Kids Series 5 #710
 I maintain a subscription mostly so I can get the cards, though I do usually read the magazine...I'm months behind, but I am in all my publications. I like SI for Kids because they cover more than just baseball and football, something the "adult" publication cannot say.

March 28th
2017-18 Upper Deck Young Guns Jumbo #247
 Each blaster of UD s1- or at least each of the style I bought, there are some that don't- gave you one exclusive Young Guns jumbo. I did quite well, as Boeser was probably the #2 rookie of the 2017-18 season, behind only the Islanders' Matt Barzal. Now that the Sedins have retired Boeser will probably be the face of the franchise for many years in the future. He already managed to win All-Star MVP as a rookie, so you know he's got the talent. Unfortunately, I don't have his standard size card and probably won't, the stupid short printing of the YG cards keeps it out of my price range, since I wasn't lucky enough to pull it.

March 29th
2017-18 Prestige #26
 I really like this year's Prestige. The design is dynamic, the photography is excellent, and actually from this season! Looking like the only real set of the season to actually have photos from this season, too. Unfortunately, it's short, at only 200 cards. Typical Panini blundering. But at least the design is nice.

March 30th
2017-18 Upper Deck #191
 This was the first standard sized card out of the blaster that gave me the jumbo Boeser. I had done a hobby box of Series 1 at Christmas but still needed more than a few cards from the set, and was able to get some. I still have some more packs from the blaster to open before I put up a wantlist anywhere, but I did list my duplicates for trade on the Trading Card Database.

March 31st
1992 Wild Card Decision '92 Promo #P1
LOL, Ross Perot. It's actually my first card of him, so I got to add a new name to my Names Project. I already had Bill Clinton and George Bush represented in my collection, but I didn't have any of these promos. Based on the text on the card and the fact that Wild Card issued a promo set just for Perot, it seems to me like they were backing him in the election. It came to me from SumoMenkoMan, from his latest (of many) mailbox stuffings. The same mailing will have cards appear in the first few days of April and I just found a box of cards he sent me last year, which I had set aside for this year's project. I think I could do the entire rest of the project just from the cards he's sent me!

So, that's my Card of the Day for March. April 10th, when I'm finally getting it posted, is the 100th day of the year. How do I know this? Because I've been tracking this project with a list on the Trading Card Database, and after the April 9th card was added, it tells me "You have 99 Cards on this list". When it's done, it will show that I have all 365. Pretty cool.

The April post will be a bit more diverse in subject matter. this one heavily favored the NBA and NHL, which of course is not a surprise. And a relative appears for the first time...stay tuned!


  1. Quite the eclectic month. Lots of great cardboard

  2. Way too many nice cards there. I could go on for a while. My favorites are definitely The Doors, Kawhi, and Vlad. Good stuff and I love the variety.

  3. Awesome cards and that was really fun to read through. Looking forward to April. Don't stop doing these posts....

  4. I need to get some of those Simpsons cards

    1. I think I might be able to solve that problem...only opened three packs and got a duplicate already.