Friday, April 20, 2018

Error Gallery: Missing Foil

Missing Foil is usually one of the more interesting and dramatic errors, and like some others, is usually found in waves from the same sets.
1994-95 Hoops #339
2000 MVP #2

2000 MVP #7

2000 MVP #10

2000 MVP #28

2000 MVP #35

2000 MVP #36

2000 MVP #51

2000 MVP #52

2000 MVP #78

2000 MVP #81

2000 MVP #99
 A huge run of 2000 MVP, all of which came from the same box. I didn't purchase the box, my mom got me some packs out of it from the local grocery store. I've been regretting not getting the rest pretty much ever since.
1992-93 Upper Deck
 Missing the Upper Deck hologram.
1993-94 Topps Gold #29
 Interestingly, the gold foil name is there, but the Topps Gold logo is not.
1995 Traks Behind the Scenes #BTS25
Missing part of the Behind the Scenes logo
1996 Classic #52
 Missing the top of the C logo, I got this and a standard, non-error version the same day.
1997-98 Stadium Club #131
 Missing his name
1999-00 Topps #200
 Sorry for the poor scan. Best I could do with the scanner I had at that time.
1999-00 Upper Deck Encore #44

1999-00 Upper Deck Encore #87
 Both of the Encore cards are missing the holographic foil that each card in the set should have had- they are just standard cards with the Encore logo!
2001-02 Fleer Marquee #46
 Missing the dark gray foil level which had the Marquee logo and Miller's last name
2004-05 Ultra #2
 Missing the holofoil name plate, a card that came to me via CrazieJoe
2004 Press Pass Dale Earnhardt Victories #1
Missing some of the foil from the nameplate, but not all. The upper box that listed the year is totally foil-less.
2009 Stealth Retail #11

2009 Stealth Retail #53

2009 Stealth Retail #67

2009 Stealth Retail #89
 I got a whole string of 2009 Stealth Retail cards (10 total, a base and each subset example here) where the foil was not present on the bottom or sides of some of the cards. What's interesting is that the cards all have the indentation where the foiling machine pressed into them, but the foil did not transfer.

Just two more posts to go to finish this Error Gallery project. 


  1. Some of these look so bare without the foil, especially the MVP racing cards.

    I just scanned up an Otis Thorpe UD card for my latest post. It has a hologram on the back though..I think.

  2. Sweet Eddie Jones rookie card!