Monday, April 24, 2017

30 Day Challenge 23: Favorite 50s Oddball

I love oddballs. I don't know any collector that doesn't. I don't have many 50s oddballs in my collection...mostly due to lack of access. I can't collect what I have no idea exists.

This card, for instance, I had no idea existed. Until I found a stash of them for sale, that is...
From 1959, comes Sicle Air Force. These cards came with ice cream on a stick in 1959, and are somewhat whimsical, as this fighter plane appears to be flying through is a Starfighter, after all. Many of the the cards I've got are out of focus. About half feature artwork and half photography. Some of the artwork is a little strange, like a giant missile being launched from the middle of a city...
but mostly they are just fun. Unless you are a communist, in which case it was implied you'd be on the business end of the missile.


  1. Man, I love that "Starfighter" card. Definitely keeping an eye out for that! Thanks for sharing these!

    1. It's definitely cool. I might have a spare but it would be in rough shape. Whoever had them before I got my hands on them did not treat them well, but I may have given them to people already...

  2. Who knows what else you may find....makes searching fun.